Program of Delivery

Own Production



to Ø550 over bed, Ø350 over cross slide,

1500 distance between centres


x = 1270, y = 650, z = 710

conventionel lathe

to Ø350, max. 750 distance between centres

conventionel milling

size of table max. 400x1120

conventionel drilling

to x = 1000, y = 1600, z = 1000, valve plate Ø440

conventionel grinding

flat grinding: x = 1000, y = 250, z = 200

inert gas shielded arc welding

welding constructions with or without machining,

component weight up to 1000 kg

Additional Service


We deliver machine parts ready for installation. The possible necessary additional service is commissioned to skilled certified specialists. Here are examples for possible additional services:


plain grinding

of lathed machine parts, which are produced by Korthaus.


martensite-hardening, nitriding, induction hardening, case hardening

surface coating

browning, galv. and hot-up galvanizing, nickel coating,

chemically nickel coating, anodic treatment


helical and straight toothing, milled or drilled, incl. hardening


slotted or pultruded

Packets of Machine Parts


Many of our customers prefer complete placing of machine parts of one machine to only one supplier. We are able to deliver such orders completely, even though if the technical possibilities go further than our capabilities. In those cases, we work together with skilled certified specialists in Saxonia (Germany) and Czech Republic. For example, we delivered for some customers packets of machine parts with more than 200 positions (about 20 pieces per position) in four up to six weeks. All machine parts are seperately packed, marked and ready to be assembled.



We deal with every metallic and synthetic material. We buy the material ourselves or our custumers place the material at our disposal. Examples of processed materials are:

  • All sorts of steels inclusive those sorts which are stainless or have austenitic quality, e.g. 1.4301 or 1.457

  • aluminium, e.g. AlZnMgcu05F50

  • casted iron and steel, e.g. GGL-20, GTS-35, GS-C25

  • non-iron metals, brass, bronze, brass

  • sythetic materials, e.g. PA, PP, PTFE




max. 2200 machining hours/month


max. 2200 machining hours/month

conv. Milling, drilling, lathe

max. 1400 machining hours/month


max. 5800 machining hours/month