Accesoires for KH Pumps

Double Feeding Screw DS


crumble the filter cake and transport it to the suction valve of the filter cake pump with pressures up to 5 bar.

left: Double feedings screw DS with filter cake Plunger Pump; right: feeeding hopper of DS-double feeding screw

Slurry Plunger Dampener Type KH PA


  • Gas-Hydraulically actuated plunger dampener
  • for dampening of pulsations behind piston pumps
  • for fluids, sludges, slurries of high viscosity, suspensions with high contents  solids, abrasive fluids and solvents, filter cakes
  • temperature up to 240°C

Non-clogging Pipe Dampeners SP


are maintenance-free and create a steady flow in the pipeline.



pipe dampener in suction and discharge line of KH-Pumps
  1. steel housing
  2. rubber hose
  3. elastic fillings
  4. pipeline

For more details see seperate leaflets which can be downloaded in our download section.