Characteristics of Pumping



Sucking of oil slick.




  • dry-running for 3 hours
  • (gas-)vacuum of 0,8 bars (below atmospheric)
  • pump of high viscous oilsick (which will stay on the blade of shovel) with desert sand and stones.


Nothing is impossible.


As a slow running displacement pump the Korthaus KH piston pump generally is able to handle all materials that can be pumped. Longstroke-design, valves adapted to the fluids, armored liners and self-adjusted sealings result in lowest wear.



Fluids with sedimentary solid, e.g. water/coal, water/chalk or oil/ferric oxide can be pumped in an excellent way caused by a self-clearing design of the housings. Restarting after standstill is possible.


Fluids with high viscostities are well pumpable because of the low velocities and low pressure losses of the valves.



Sewage with solids or long fibres (hair) will cause no problem with ball valves. Extreme sizes of solids can be handled with hydraulically actuated plate valves.



Highly viscous slurries coming out of centrifuges or filter presses (e.g. rests of paint, dewatered sewages) have to be transported to the suction nozzle by a double feeding screw conveyor and can be pumped with hydraulically actuated plate valves.



Biomass in a fermentation plant partly consists of stones pieces of branches, so medium- or larger-sized free grain passages are needed. Korthaus Slurry Pumps Type V tolerates grain sizes of 50 up to 200 mm depending on capacity of machine. Type F tolerates grain sizes of 15 up  to 80 mm and handles extreme parts of gas in the biomass.

Stones will be transported through the machine without damage, if the size of the stones is smaller than the free grain passage of the valves. Bigger stones can be removed by using the cleanouts in front of the valves.

Branches are normally cut by hydraulically driven valves with the hardened cutting edges.



When handling abrasive slurries like sand or ferric oxide highest life time is expected because of armored liners and self-adjusting sealings.



Extremely abrasive slurries, e.g. fly ash or bottom ash, with over 25 % of  Al2O3 (corundum) are handled by Korthaus Slurry Pumps Type P with ceramic plungers of highest endurance.

Dry running


For all sealings of piston pumps KH only wear resistant materials are used. Therefore pumps KH can run dry for a short time or can start dry.



The design F is provided with a Korthaus-designed cooling system, which transfers the friction heat to the oil circuit. Therefore the design F is suitable for service as a dry running vacuum-compressor for air and gas for a pressure up to 8 bars.


Machines with design V can be delivered in dry running version as a special design.




Flotation Slurries (Foam of Sewage) can be sucked even against counter presses, when using design F of Korthaus piston pumps KH.



For evacuating the suction line with the design F, a vacuum up to 8 m is already availabe when the machine is dry.