Design Details

Valve Designs


       Ball-Valves for fluids with contents of long fibres, like hair.


Plate-Valves, actuated by small hydraulic cylinders for highest viscosity and fluids with extreme contents of solids. For difficult slurries the best – and often the only – solution.



For all sealings on the slurry-side, including the piston sealing, self-adjusting packing glands made of the strongest materials are used. Rubber is avoided because of short life time when working with abrasive media, solvents or high temperature.

By an external wear indicator the condition of the packing gland of the piston can be checked without opening the machine.

Liner, Piston-Rod


Liners and piston-rods are always armored by a thick wear resistant hard-chrom-coating. Depending on the slurry special materials are possible.



Standard:120°C or 240 °C; On special request:max.400°C


All standard machines are resistant against most kind of solvents.