Examples of Application


Pumping of 50% grinned coal with sewage sludge in a municipal water treatment plant. Controlling of the calorific power of the sewage sludge via electronic capacity control of the pump.


Feeding of a 30 bar high pressure chamber filter press in a municipal water treatment plant with Korthaus KH pumps.


Korthaus-High-Pressure-Pump handels extremely abrasive residues of sugar beets.


Korthaus KH one cylinder Filter Cake Plunger-Pump with Korthaus double feeding screw DS behind a centrifuge in a municipal water treatment plant.


Korthaus Filter Cake Pump KH with Korthaus double feeding srew DS behind a belt filter press in a municipal water treatment plant.


Sucking off  residues of a crude oil tank with explosion proof Korthaus KH pump.


Liquid: Highly viscous crude oil residues containing sand and stones.

Pumping Data: Q=90 m³/h, vacuum 80%, p=6 bar

Dry running period: possible without limit


Korthaus KH Pump feeds a filterpress with highly viscous oil with 20% ironoxid as a catalyst, grain size 0-3 mm, temperature 120-240 °C in a coal liquifaction plant.

24 hour service since 1991.



Pumping of oil residues with solvents and solids like spark plugs into an incinerator with Korthaus KH pumps.


Sucking off and pumping of slop tar with solvents with Korthaus KH pumps.

Liquid: The fluid is a sedimentated sludge from the bottom of a tank. The viscosity is like light honey up to a viscosity of warm tar. It is a mixture of several-partially not known-solvents (tar derivat, phenol, methylnaphthalene, bases and others) that is coming from the sewage plant of the aromatic hydrocarbon industry.


Pumping of filter ash in a steel production plant with Korthaus KH pumps.

Grain size: 10-6 m-1 mm